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it's boring...don't get me started, you'll be sorry. Seriously, I'm the girl next door, your best friend's mom, a little obsessive (ha) and my kids say I jingle.

i'd rather buy art supplies than clothes and i'd live on bread and anything made out of tomatoes except ketchup for the rest of my life if given the opportunity.


My family
The boyz
Working in my studio
Seeking on a beach or in the woods
Being outside, specifically my garden
dark chocolate not milk
real italian food
Inside Actor's Studio
To Kill A Mocking Bird
The Stand
Kevin Spacey and John Cusak are Daniel Day Lewis are currently tied for first
and last but NOT least
Willy Porter and Martin Sexton

It's never to old to have had a happy childhood and it certainly makes you a better grownup.

don't buy me things; find a way to make a memory with me..... I can take those with me when I go.

now stop reading and go make something!