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Tuesday, July 17, 2007



i am avid lk ludwig fan, and she just wrote wonderful write up on you...am very excited for you, i just recently opened blog too.... www.herminnie.blogspot.com i know there must be setting to make your pictures larger, i am having hard time seeing the small photos on the blog, but what i do see would love to see larger.... pooto kplease post lar

Mim Stella

Yes, I found your blog thru LK's also, and am glad that I did. Good luck with your start on the new life. I just started drawing, painting whatever about 1 year ago and find it addictive and freeing. Won't quit my day job yet, but love having two lives; Good luck with your journey.

Gwen Delmore

Yeah, Bee!
Glad to see your blog! One more to distract me from what I should be doing, but I always enjoy your work.

good luck to you!

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    I will be teaching on Friday and Saturday at ARTFEST 2009. Artfest is held annually at the beautiful Ft. Worden State Park on Bainbridge Island in Washington state. About 1.5 hours out of Seattle on the Olympic Pennisula, Artfest is a retreat/workshop experience that should definitely be experienced. Check it out.... www.teeshamoore.com
  • 1800 House Nantucket MA Summer 2009
    I will be teaching four workshops here....steeped in history the Nantucket Historical Society (NHA) has turned one of their beautiful historic houses (built in 1800...hence the name) into a warm and inviting environment for people to come and learn early american folk art skills. Their Creating History Program is in it's early years and just an amazing experience worth the trip. Check out their website www.nha.org (then click on the link to 1800 House) for a complete schedule. Also....look at my photos under 1800 House to see what's we've been up to there this summer (2008).

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