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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Katie Kendrick

the beauty you've captured in your photos takes my breath away and (the beloved feet with green shoes) makes me smile. holding everything lightly and tenderly in my heart. xoxo

Katie Kendrick

the beauty you've captured in your photos takes my breath away and (the beloved feet with green shoes) makes me smile. holding everything lightly and tenderly in my heart. xoxo


Oh, my....you did have a great trip to the beach! I am happy to read of all the fun, to see your images and to know that you had a little "me" time. I'm counting the days until we have our time together. Can't wait!!!!!


The south coast is magical-- it is our muse. We moved here last year to make art full time and we feel very blessed for the beauty that envelops us everyday. These are gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing. : )

Karen Cole

Those kind of trips are the best. Shhhhhh, don't tell my husband.
My little creative retreat is being featured in Artful Blogging's next issue
Would love to get together.



Holding you close...sending you love. So glad we had time to dance and laugh together.

liz elayne

light shining brightly...yes, yes, yes.

i am so grateful for that light dear girl.

Deirdra Doan

Moon paintings are so mystical...peaceful...and your photo's are luscious. hi....;>}


Your photos are amazing! And our light coninues to burn.

Mary Lin Huskamp

Oh my gosh! These photos are beautiful and it looks like you had a fabulous time!



what magical memories you've stirred in me with these wonderful photos! funny, i guessed you would've had 10 boxes! i'm still feeling so tender with this time with y'all...thank you for sharing so much of your sweet spirit with us all. mmmmmm

Leslie M.

Oh, sweet Bee. What a wonderful trip these photos and your words unfold! Like Karen, I would love to get together. Look at that happy place!



Oh how lovely. All these photos are just jumping for joy. I think I like those shoes best... LOL.


You are a beautiful young lady. The picture of all of the heart shaped rocks on the beach has much meaing to me. I have tons of them. My husband says you don't need amymore rocks! And I continue to collect them. For me, It is The Lord letting me know that He Loves me!
be blessed.

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